Wpasupplicant on an iPhone

Damien Leroy damien.leroy
Fri Dec 5 14:18:09 PST 2008

For a research project, we are developing and implementing a new EAP 
method in hostap.
It works on Linux but it would be great for us if we could make demos of 
our protocol on a mobile device such as an iPhone.

Hostap has, in the "drivers" directory, some drivers for OsX and 
I have not found what it is the development state of these drivers. Does 
anyone have some experience with wpasupplicant on an iPhone (firmware 
2.x) ? I see some "TODO" in the source code but I do not know exactly 
where are the limitations, essentially for developer of upper protocols.

Can someone help  ?


Damien Leroy
Computer Science & Engineering Dept. (INGI)
UCLouvain - Belgium 

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