Hostap driver works with bridge in Managed mode?

Pavel Roskin proski
Tue Apr 29 14:49:55 PDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 17:28 -0300, Hever C. Rocha wrote:

> When the interface wlan0 is in master mode, and the AP is setting to
> client mode, the bridge works.
> When the interface wlan0 is in managed mode, and the APp is setting to
> AP Mode, the bridge does not works (ie: Unable to forward packets)
> This behavior is normal?

Yes.  I believe it's a limitation of the 802.11 protocol, which fuses
physical and logical layers together and only keeps 3 addresses out of 4
required to support bridging on both sides.

The only frames with all 4 addresses are WDS frames, but only APs can
exchange them.  Frames sent and received by stations use the same
address for physical and logical layers on the station side.

Pavel Roskin

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