why remove WPS

Vladimir Koutny vlado
Mon Apr 28 07:23:19 PDT 2008


>> I have try the version support WPS some days ago. The hostapd support
>> push-button well. The changelog also tell me that you have put some
>> time to realize and test it.
>> But these days, I found that you remove WPS support from
>> wpa_supplicant and hostapd.
> I confirm it.  WPS disappeared from the git repository just before
> version 0.6.3.  I hoped that WPS would be in a separate branch, but I
> don't see anything like that.

I've just started to look around for WPS support and I've found the
same - the code is gone.

Althought several Intel-based versions were mentioned (Atheros, Metalink,
Marvell, Sony/Saice), I was able to find just the one from Saice (the
w1.fi/contrib/ dir was a victim of the disk crash I suppose).

I can see in hostap-historic.git that some code by Jouni was present
(and it doesn't look like being based on Intel code, but I didn't spend
too much time checking). In this tree, the wpa_supplicant part was removed
(Jan-26), the hostap part was kept. As already mentioned, both parts
were lost in current 0.6.3-based hostap.git.

As this has happened already some time ago, is there anything new
concerning this issue?

I will most probably have some time to dig into this (mainly enrollee-part,
running on top of wireless-testing mac80211 tree) so I'd like to know what
the current status is, as the list/google is quiet on this topic.

(I didn't try the code in hostap-historic.git (prior to removal of
wpa_supplicant part) yet since I don't have WPS-enabled AP on hand, but
that's fixable..)


>> Why? I think it is a good function and many developers and users may
>> like it. May you tell me the reason? And whether we can find the
>> function in the future version?
> I'm also concerned about it.  It's not that I would likely use it
> myself, but it's useful code licensed under GPL.  It's worrying to see
> it disappear without any warning or discussion.

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