Roaming problems

Lars Ericsson Lars_Ericsson
Wed Apr 23 09:44:31 PDT 2008

> > Lars mentioned that it sets the SSID first and then the BSSID, maybe 
> > the trivial fix would be to make it do that the other way around?
> Maybe, but why should the driver care?  It should be 
> re-attempting association when either of SSID or BSSID gets 
> set, interrupting any current ongoing association to a different AP.
> Dan

Currently this is what happens most of the time, when all ioclts had been
issued from the driver, it drops current authentication/association atempts
and start with the new one. Most of the times that works fine.

But sometimes, when for any reason the 3 ioctls get delayed, the driver may
success to associate with the old BSSID (since that is still valid in the
driver). Then when all 3 ioctls has been received, including the new BSSID,
the driver re-starts the authentication/association sequence with the new

The problem is that the STA already have a valid association with the first
AP. In this case the new BSSID silently ignores any
authentication/association attempts. My believe is that it knows that the
STA already have a valid association.

Could the problem be that the wpa_supplicant not issue a BSSID
00:00:00:00:00:00 before start the configuration to the new BSSID ?


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