hostapd new driver question

Johannes Berg johannes
Tue Apr 15 04:06:41 PDT 2008

> - the device driver as a STA uses the wpa_supplicant via the WEXT driver
> - the device driver already works as an unsecured AP
> - of the things I can change, the kernel version (2.6.17) isn't one of
> them
> It looks like there isn't a WEXT equivalent for hostapd. Given that,
> which of the existing drivers might be a good starting point?

You should be using cfg80211/nl80211 going forward, but as you're not
able to change the kernel version you won't have nl80211/cfg80211 in
your kernel. Hence, I'm not sure whether you're interested in going
forward at all. Hostapd supports various existing drivers, you could,
for example, write your kernel driver and simply emulate the "hostap"
kernel driver with its ioctls.

> Is there a guide I missed that addresses some of this?

Not that I know of.

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