hostapd 0.5.7: failover to secondary RADIUS problem

Lambert Anne anne.lambert
Tue Apr 8 05:52:27 PDT 2008


Here is the configuration I am testing:

PC1 - -> freeRADIUS
PC2 - -> freeRADIUS
PC3 - -> hostapd 0.5.7 + madwifi
PC4 - -> the wireless station

hostapd is configured with primary authentication RADIUS = and
secondary =

Case1: PC1 and 2 are switched on but freeRADIUS runs only on PC2.
The log case1.txt a failed attempt by the station to authenticate (using
EAP-TLS). The failover does not take place.

Case2: PC1 is switched off, only PC2 is running.
The log case2.txt contains 1 successful authentication by the station.
The failover to RADIUS does take place.

I hope this clarify what my setup.

Thanks for your help,


Anne Lambert
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