fast re-auth configuration issues

jan terje tønnessen jt_toenn
Thu Apr 3 02:27:26 PDT 2008

Test setup
WLAN-device -- AP cisco1242 -- hostapd

When setting up EAP-SIM is works with the initial setup (full authentication)
When the WLAN-device tries to re-authenticate it uses the fast reauth-id and it fails due to "User-Name not found"

In hostapd.eap_user I have only one line
"DUT at"      SIM

re-auth works when changing the entry in hostapd.eap_user to
* SIM 

Is this how it should be ?

Is it possible for hostapd to require full-auth even if the WLAN-device attempts to use the fast-id ?

Is it possible to configure hostapd to not generate/send fast-id to the WLAN-device ?

Br /Jan Terje T?nnessen


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