hostAP and wds with madwifi

Micro Cool microcool
Mon Sep 24 07:21:24 PDT 2007

I am trying to get wpa_supplicant and hostapd to work for wds with the madwifi driver but I have not been having much luck.  I am aware that generally wds is not supported for 11i key managment method but since madwifi sets their wds links up as a station and a AP I thought it might be possible if you run hostAP on the AP interface and wpa_supplicant on the station interface.  However when I tried this for some reason whenever I bring the AP interface up with hostAP it never beacons.  Thought this was odd so I tried bringing the AP interface up first and then bring the station interface up and indeed the AP did beacon but as soon as the station linked it stopped.
Does anyone have any thoughts why this is happening?
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