bridging interface wireless (wlan0) whit interface wired (eth0)

vamsi krishna gondi_vamsi
Tue Sep 18 04:33:05 PDT 2007

use brctl bridge controller to bridge between ur wireless and wired cards. download here buid and execute. here is the example

 # brctl addbr br549 (example name u can name it as u like)
 # brctl addif br549 wlan0 (executue this after inititating the hostapd drivers)
 # brctl addif br549 eth1 (ethernet interface)
 # brctl show
# ifconfig br549 up


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Subject: bridging interface wireless (wlan0) whit interface wired (eth0)

I have a card wireless with chip intersil prism 2.5, I use hostapd daemon
for the management of the access point how I must make in order to put in
bridging the interface wireless with that one wired?

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