PEAP Certificate issues

Andreas Böhler andy.boehler
Wed Sep 5 00:16:38 PDT 2007


I've got a big problem with PEAP certificates: My University
requires me to use PEAP with MSCHAPv2 authentication over an
AES-encrypted link, but without supplying me a certificate. This
setup works using wpa_supplicant pretty well. 
However, I want to use my Palm TX to connect to the network which
requires a certificate (there is no option to turn this behaviour

So my questions are: 
* Is there a way to determine over the air whether there actually
IS a certificate and I'm simply not provided with one to compare or
* How does wpa_supplicant verify the certificate? Does it download
the certificate from the server and then compare it to the saved
one or is there a more complicated mechanism behind? 
* If it downloads and compares the certificates, can wpa_supplicant
save the certificate so that I can save it on the Palm?

I know there was a similar message posted in July but it wasn't
really resolved to what I need.

Thanks for your time & help, 


Andreas B?hler
andy (dot) boehler (at) gmx (dot) at

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