Problem with TNC

Emilio A. Escobar emilio.escobar
Wed Oct 31 11:08:44 PDT 2007

   I am attempting to use wpa_supplicant with EAP-TNC to handle 802.1x 
requests. But for some reason, even though the IMV is returning the 
ALLOW recommendation the client still sees the state as MAY_CONT. I 
changed some bits in the tncc.c and eap_tnc.c so that if an allow is 
received then the state is changed to METHOD_DONE and the decision to 
UNCOND_SUCC but the client is still doing it's 50 (MAX) steps and then 
failing. Has anyone else experienced this situation before?


Emilio A. Escobar
Hewlett-Packard Corp.

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