driver wired for hostapd under FreeBSD

Sam Leffler sam
Wed Oct 31 09:23:05 PDT 2007

Saber Zrelli wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to compile hostapd with the wired driver to use it as a
> back-end RADIUS server.
> However, apparently the driver_wired.c file is not BSD compatible
> since it requires netpacket/packet.h
> I'm I missing something or
> Are there any versions/patches for hostapd that resolve this issue ?

I added the necessary changes for wired support in HEAD and RELENG_7 
(yet to be MFC'd to RELENG_6).  I thought someone was using them so if 
the existing code doesn't work then please provide more details.  FWIW 
you're better off taking this to a freebsd mailing list.


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