Adding WPS support for hostapd / wpa_supplicant

Ted Merrill ted
Thu Oct 25 19:24:48 PDT 2007

A further thought.

The question will arise whether the software architecture of putting
the WPS details into a server such as wsccmd is a good idea, or 
whether it should all be part of one program (i.e. the hostapd program).
Due to the time-consuming nature of the WPS crypto algorithms (depending of 
course upon the cpu power of the host) i think it is best that these are done 
in a separate thread from hostapd... using an entirely different process is a 
perfectly reasonable thing to do.
It will of course also simplify entirely replacing wsccmd with something less 
bloated, since the replacement can just be dropped in place.

-Ted Merrill
Atheros Communications

On Thursday 25 October 2007 18:13:52 Ted Merrill wrote:
> Also i am working on submitting Atheros' completely new WPS client
> implementation.  I have permission to release this, but i want to clean it
> up some first...
> -Ted Merrill
> Atheros Communications
> On Thursday 25 October 2007 18:09:21 Ted Merrill wrote:
> > Assaf and all,
> >
> > Next week I expect to submit a patch to hostap that ports Intel's hostapd
> > patches to the latest hostap git repository version.
> > (This will not include fixes to wsccmd itself. I do not currently have
> > permission to release Atheros' fixes to wsccmd, although i am promoting
> > that... your pending contribution may make that happen since it would be
> > in everyone's interests to have all problems fixed).
> > In addition to porting to the latest version, i've also tried to clean up
> > the coding somewhat.
> > (Note that I have some other patches pending with Jouni that relate
> > largely to the madwifi driver).
> > Since these WPS patches are, as you know, somewhat extensive, i don't
> > expect that Jouni will accept them right away.
> > In addition, i imagine that Jouni will not be happy with the fact that
> > the communication with wsccmd is syncronous; to fix that would take a lot
> > more work, and i'm concentrating on getting it working as is first!
> > I'd appreciate if you could try and comment on these patches (after i
> > post them of course) and together we could refine them.
> > (I expect that both your company and mine will benefit from the
> > improvements made to hostapd!).
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Ted Merrill
> > Atheros Communications

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