Adding WPS support for hostapd / wpa_supplicant

Ted Merrill ted
Thu Oct 25 18:09:21 PDT 2007

Assaf and all,

Next week I expect to submit a patch to hostap that ports Intel's hostapd 
patches to the latest hostap git repository version.
(This will not include fixes to wsccmd itself. I do not currently have 
permission to release Atheros' fixes to wsccmd, although i am promoting 
that... your pending contribution may make that happen since it would be in 
everyone's interests to have all problems fixed).
In addition to porting to the latest version, i've also tried to clean up the 
coding somewhat.
(Note that I have some other patches pending with Jouni that relate largely
to the madwifi driver).
Since these WPS patches are, as you know, somewhat extensive, i don't expect 
that Jouni will accept them right away.
In addition, i imagine that Jouni will not be happy with the fact that the 
communication with wsccmd is syncronous; to fix that would take a lot more 
work, and i'm concentrating on getting it working as is first!
I'd appreciate if you could try and comment on these patches (after i post 
them of course) and together we could refine them.
(I expect that both your company and mine will benefit from the improvements 
made to hostapd!).

Thanks in advance,
Ted Merrill
Atheros Communications

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