WPA - AP association Issue

Mr. Maloomnahi maloomnahi
Thu Oct 25 06:02:14 PDT 2007

Hi Bryan,

That explanation was really great. I accept your comments and that is the truth.

But the fact is after testing ap_scan in all modes the result is the same. The association happens but for a small amount of time only and the reasons posted are also the same.

I have also checked the client and server certificates, private keys which turned out to be the same. Nore are the other settings like key_mgt, group and pairwaise different. I have read through the fundamentals of WPA Supplicant and they say that if these settings are the same it should associate for good.

If I use the firmware which has come along with the AR5212, it associates fine after the specific settings of private variables within. So what could be the issue with the WPA source code then? 

I have seen that apart from me there are some others who have posted similar questions before but in vain. It would be great if someone could throw some light on this matter.


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