Hostapd and mac80211

Guillaume Chevillot guillaume
Tue Oct 23 05:10:08 PDT 2007

Hello everyone,

I see that the deviscape part of hostapd normally handle drivers based
on mac80211.

The problem is that driver_deviscape does not compile with neither any 
recent kernel, nor with wireless-2.6 (wireless-dev doesn't exist anymore),
nor rt2x00 git kernel tree (that seems to handle the last version of
mac80211 stack).

In fact, the only kernel tree where hostapd seems to be able to compile
is the mac80211 kernel tree. The mac80211 kernel tree contains an
outdated version of mac80211 stack and does not conatin any wireless
driver (and no mac80211 based drivers will compile on it).

So, is it plan to update the deviscape part to current mac80211 api ?
Have I missed something ?

Thanks for your response

Guillaume Chevillot

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