wpa_supplicant using global ctrl_interface

Ruzsinszky Attila ruzsinszky.attila
Wed Oct 17 08:46:55 PDT 2007

> You probably don't want to poke wpa_supplicant over the control
> interface when NM is driving it, but NM by default puts the global
> control interface in LOCALSTATEDIR"/run/wpa_supplicant-global"
OK. I'll check tomorrow.
But: I've got only 30secs for checking anything becuse NM removes
the config. And there isn't any debug option in it. (I think ...)

My colleague would like to use his 3Com Atheros PCMCIA card
without success. :-(

I'm waiting for the exact type of the card (the colour is purple and
the antenna can be pushed into the card ...)

Kernel is SuSE default for 10.3 and madwifi is, too.

The problem: AP not associated. Config: WPA-EAP-TKIP.
AP and RADIUS is all right becaus I can connect with my Prism
PCMCIA card.

I've got a debug log, too. I'll put here soon...


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