Matthew 'mentor' Bell mentor
Mon Oct 15 16:24:56 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-10-15 at 13:59 -0700, Ted Merrill wrote:
> It would seem the only "correct" fix would be to list every possible ioctl.
> But i think that sticking with the current-size based test, plus exceptions for
> those that don't follow it, should be a good enough hack.
> Most ioctls have fixed data sizes and are set up to be inline if it fits;
> there would be few exceptions... this appears to be the only exception
> so far in this realm.

OK, so it looks to me like data is always passed out of band, unless it
is a fixed IOCTL and the data is smaller than IFNAMSIZ. So, we have to
test whether an IOCTL is fixed size and what that size is; both of these
bits of information are exported from the kernel. This does not require
the creation of another list of every IOCTL, only the retrieval of the
one from the kernel. This is not even hard to do, so (IMO) no hack is
good enough. Just do it right.


Matthew W. S. Bell
> > [1] linux-2.6.21/driver/core/wireles.c:963 onwards
> > (ioctl_private_call()).
Apologies here, I appear to have made this path up. net/wireless/wext.c
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