Implement Cisco's LEAP to HOSTAPD.

Hangjun He elmerhe
Mon Oct 15 03:18:59 PDT 2007

Hi , 
     I am planning to implement Cisco's LEAP kind of Security Mechanism on 0.3.11 version of HostAPD.   LEAP security mechanism with dynamic wep keys to HOSTAPD,   how I can do this on HostAP ?  Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 
       Can I add a file like eap_leap.c like eap_peap.c? And write eap_method:
  const struct eap_method eap_method_leap =
 .method = EAP_TYPE_LEAP,
 .name = "LEAP",
 .init = eap_leap_init,
 .reset = eap_leap_reset,
 .buildReq = eap_leap_buildReq,
 .check = eap_leap_check,
 .process = eap_leap_process,
 .isDone = eap_leap_isDone,
 .getKey = eap_leap_getKey,
 .isSuccess = eap_leap_isSuccess,


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