Need help for PEAP and EAP-TLV

Simon Rich - ERNW srich
Fri Mar 23 03:40:30 PDT 2007


I`m working on a project and find your great programm wpa_supplicant. 
But I only want to use the PEAP and EAP-TLV functionallity. Is there a 
good (and fast) way to extract these functionallity because im reading 
the source code now for nearly a week and I didn`t see any way without 
to use the hole programm. What I want to have is a function where I can 
data put in and the PEAP and EAP-TLV is build around these data. With 
these PEAP data I want to go on in my own programm, like sending it over 
LAN (I want to build the sending and reciving functionallity on my own, 
beause I want it to send not in that ways what the supplicant provide). 
Maybe there is way to use the eap state machine (which is implementet in 
the supplicant, as I understand) but I must have admission to control 
the Input data for PEAP and EAP-TLV and the sending functions on the 
socket layer. I have to implement this programm in very little time, but 
after end of the project I`m thinking of integrating it in the 
supplicant. I would be very happy if somebody can give me a little 
advisory about my problem. Thx

with kind regards

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