Porting hostapd to NetBSD

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Mar 19 21:10:12 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 11:57 +0800, Aries Wang wrote:

>     I am working on porting hostapd to ixpd425 with NetBSD 1.6.2. I found
> that, even I can succeed in compiling hostapd, but when running hostapd on
> ixpd425, it does not work properly on WPA, 802.1x. 

That's too little information.  There is more than one way the software
can malfunction.

>     As my acknowledge, hostapd works with net80211, and maybe need to modify
> Atheros driver, HAL as well. Do someone can guide me where I can find
> relative documentation about porting hostapd to NetBSD ?

I don't have any guide, but you may get useful replies if you provide
specific details, not just your own guesses.

Pavel Roskin

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