Getting information from a received packet's header

ahuguet at ahuguet
Mon Mar 19 03:47:22 PDT 2007

David you might have another option,

there's a Monitor mode option that should capture all packets, as you
want, and I think it could allow you to print the headers correctly.
The problem is that when a Station is in Monitor Mode, it remains silent,
in sense that it's not an active station sending and receiving packets,
thus it would not be connected to the AP, I'd say.

You would then need two have two cards, one that connects to the AP and
generates the traffic, and the other acting as Monitor, capturing the
packets sent between AP and STA. I think there's currently no way to avoid
this disassociation.

To enable monitor mode:
iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

I'm also exploring this areas, and what I said might not be 100% accurate,
but it might be worth a trying.

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