signal strength information not updated

Nicolas Hueppelshaeuser nh
Thu Mar 15 04:19:37 PDT 2007


I'm trying to resolve the following problem:

When establishing a wlan connection without wpa_supplicant it is
possible to read back the actual signal strength information (iwconfig).

When using the wpa_supplicant, this information is not updated and
yields always the same values.

In use is a (modified) hostap driver version 0.3.9, wpa_supplicant
0.4.4.  The wlan card features a STA v1.7.4.

I experimented with closing down and reopening the connection
(stopping/starting the supplicant) and issuing a new ap scan via wpa_cli
scan command, but found no way to force an update of the link quality info.

Is there a way to force an update of this info at regular intervals when
having the wpa_supplicant up?


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