MacBook client drops packets

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon
Sat Mar 10 12:04:10 PST 2007

"Casey T. Deccio" <casey at> writes:

> Installed hostapd 0.5.7 from source, and modified
> /etc/init.d/hostapd to point to /usr/local/bin/hostapd , and it
> worked like a charm.  Thanks!

And now that there is one other person who can confirm the problem, I
suppose I should ping the Debian package maintainer that hostap needs
an upgrade in "unstable".

Out of curiosity, let me know whether you start seeing errors like
this in the log files on the machine running hostap:

Mar 10 14:09:03 ten22 kernel: TKIP: ICV error detected: STA=00:19:7d:58:d9:04
Mar 10 14:09:03 ten22 kernel: wifi0: decryption failed (SA=00:19:7d:58:d9:04) res=-5

They started appearing in my own logs the day that I upgraded hostap.

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at

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