Getting information from a received packet's header

Varga Dávid varga.david
Sat Mar 10 08:14:09 PST 2007



I need to collect some information of incoming packets from the headers.

What I did is the following:


I added in hostap_80211_rx.c under the function hostap_80211_rx these

printk(KERN_DEBUG ....... hdr->addr1, hdr->addr2, hdr->add3,
rx_stats->signal, rx_stats->noise, rx_stats->rate, skb->len, jiffies)


My problem is that in dmesg I can only see information from broadcast
packets or those that were sent this host, but I'd like to capture all
packets within the same network (ssid).

Is it possible? Where do I have to inject these lines? Or is there a command
that allows other packets not to be dropped before this layer?

I also tried promiscous mode with ifconfig, but I think that works in a
higher layer, so it didn't help.

The card is in managed mode, because I need it to be connected to the ap.


Thank you for your help!


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