Howto plug wpa_supplicant and dhcdbd

Jens Rutschmann Jens.Rutschmann
Tue Mar 6 06:57:49 PST 2007

Stefan Rompf schrieb:
> You may want to try my dhcpclient at 
> . It should be started 
> parallel to wpa_supplicant and will acquire an address whenever 
> wpa_supplicant signals a working connection to the kernel.

(I am writing this on this wpa_supplicant mailing list because I think it might be helpful for others...)

Lately I had some issues with wpa_cli not using the action file. 
I don't know whether it doesn't call the file or wpa_cli itself is not notified by wpa_supplicant, though.

So I tried your dhcpclient and I must say I like it a lot. 
My current "network launching"-sequence looks like this:

ifconfig ${DEVICE} up
dhcpclient -h ${HOSTNAME} ${DEVICE} &
wpa_supplicant -B -D madwifi -i ${DEVICE} -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

And it works very well on my system.

I have two ideas / wishes for dhcpclient, though:

Firstly, I missed a parameter to run dhcpclient in daemon mode, so that you don't have to use "&" in scripts. I don't know if there would be any benefits over the "&". Anyways I missed that parameter, because I am using initng on gentoo and write my own scripts to set up my network.

Secondly, I noticed that dhcpclient does not adapt the /etc/resolv.conf automatically. I needed to change dhcpclient-script.sample first. Perhaps you should modify the sample so that the generic way is acivated by default instead of the suse-specific one ?

Another possibility would be to integrate the generic way directly into dhcpclient (activated by another command line parameter or by default). 
I think most users need to modify their resolv.conf anyways and it would be easier, if dhcpclient would do that itself rather than a script.

BTW: I read on the homepage that you are interested in people testing the program on their system. If you want any environment-related info then just send me a private email (english or german).
I dont't think that it would be in the scope of this mailing list...


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