Problem with the patch for "wpa supplicant authentication timeout problem"

Thomas Schulz t.schulz
Thu Jun 28 09:11:02 PDT 2007

Jagadish wrote:
> Hi Thomas Schulz,
> Thanks for the ticket #1404 with patch to madwifi for solving the 
> authentication timeout problem. I have patched this with madwifi0.9.3 
> code. 
> But after associating with an accesspoint in OPEN mode, my system is 
> hanging. Similar thing happened when I tried to associate in WPA mode. 
> Please help in fixing this problem. 

Did the patch introduce this problem ?
I.e. can you reproduce several times that the patched driver hangs the
system and the unpatched driver does not ?

Enable madwifi debug log to track down the problem, e.g.
   80211debug -i ath0 +assoc +auth +scan +roam +node +inact +state +power
   athdebug -i wifi0 +beacon +beacon_proc +node +state +reset
   echo "4 4 1 7" > /proc/sys/kernel/printk
as I mentioned in the mail of 2007-06-22 12:17 UTC.
Inspect the system log. Messages with "__ieee80211_newstate:" are the
state changes of madwifi, usually -> SCAN -> AUTH -> ASSOC -> RUN.
On successfull association you'll get messages like "assoc success:"
and "ieee80211_scan_assoc_success". 'logger' is your friend to mark
your tests in the system log.

IMHO the problems with madwifi should better be addressed to the
madwifi mailing list, wpa_supplicant is not involved if you are
using "OPEN mode".

> thanks,
> Jagadish 

Hope this helps
Thomas Schulz

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