help for hostapd-0.5.8&uclibc

advan advan
Thu Jun 21 01:21:41 PDT 2007

  I compile hostapd-0.5.8 upon ixp425 platform with snapgear-3.3.0(linux-2.4.31-uc0), there are so error as below:

/snapgear/snapgear/tools/ucfront-gcc /snapgear/toolchain/usr/local/bin/arm-linux-gcc -o hostapd hostapd.o eloop.o ieee802_1x.o eapol_sm.o radius.o md5.o rc4.o md4.o common.o ieee802_11.o config.o ieee802_11_auth.o accounting.o sta_info.o radius_client.o sha1.o wpa.o aes_wrap.o ctrl_iface.o driver_conf.o os_unix.o preauth.o pmksa_cache.o beacon.o hw_features.o wme.o ap_list.o reconfig.o mlme.o vlan_init.o ieee802_11h.o iapp.o driver_madwifi.o ./l2_packet_linux.o eap_md5.o eap_tls.o eap_peap.o eap_ttls.o eap_mschapv2.o eap_gtc.o eap_psk.o ./eap_psk_common.o eap_tlv.o eap.o eap_methods.o eap_identity.o eap_tls_common.o ./tls_openssl.o ./ms_funcs.o ./crypto.o
/snapgear/snapgear/uClibc/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [hostapd] Error 1
I want to know what is problem and how to do it .Thank you in advance 


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