wpa_supplicant: "reconfigure" calls have no effect

Sandeep Parikh sparikh
Wed Jun 20 07:19:17 PDT 2007


i'm using the pre-built binary package 0.5.8 for windows and having some

first, I run
wpa_supplicant.exe -C UDP -i{DeviceGuid} -t -d -c wpa.conf

then, using a second command window

at this point, wpa_supplicant is running without issue.  then i will update
the configuration file for a new network or new key and call "reconfigure"
from the wpa_cli.  from here, wpa_supplicant will re-read the config file
and correctly reauth and reassociate.

however, subsequent calls to "reconfigure" fail every time as the wpa_cli
loses it's connection consistently after that first call.

any thoughts?


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