Stop data transmission when link status is DISCONNECTED

Marco Fiore fl0wer
Tue Jun 12 03:07:25 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to modify the roaming support in Host AP, and I 
need to
force a disconnection when I want to change AP (I tried by just
issuing a JoinRequest - while in host_roaming mode 2 of course -,
that did not work).
Now I'm using local->func->reset_port() to force a 
and JoinRequests issued after the reset are successful.
However, I noticed that, in presence of traffic, several frames are
lost between the reset and the establishment of the new association,
with "status=0x0004 ([Discon])".

So my questions are:
 - is the port 
reset the right way to make JoinRequests work?
 - does anyone know how  
to avoid packet losses? Is there any way
   to inform the upper layers 
not to send data anymore and then to restart?



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