Compiling HostAP driver for 2.6.20 Kernel

Stefan Bauer info
Mon Jun 11 03:17:10 PDT 2007

rdu n schrieb:
>         I am trying to compile 0.4.9 hostap driver to
> enable support for firmware download to my intersil
> prism chipset. But failed in compiling, it says...

hi, iam not familiar with hostap source but isnt firmware download not 
enabled by default in fawn?

how did u check this? i had the same problem with ubuntu and udev, 
where udev renamed my device to wlan0_temp.

> echo *** Can't build for 2.6 with a non-2.6 source!
> make: *** [2.6] Error 1

i can confirm this. i gave the hostap source a try with a selfmade 
2.6.18 kernel without success. as far as i remember correctly, there 
have been a few modifications from 2.6.18 on, where 
/include/linux/version.h is now /include/linux/utsrelease.h.

just my 5 cent


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