wpa_supplicant with win2k

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Tue Jun 5 09:43:00 PDT 2007

On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 09:00:31AM -0700, Lohmann, Peter wrote:
> > > Driver Provider: GlobespanVirata
> > 
> > Never heard of them.  Is there any chance of using a normal NIC, or at
> > least a more widely-tested Prism driver?  Of course just because I've
> > never heard of them doesn't mean their driver hasn't been widely used,
> > but it'd be my first suspect.
> FWIW, GlobespanVirata acquired the Intersil WLAN group years ago, then
> merged with Conexant.  It is the same Prism chipset.

... Oh.  That shows how much I follow that kind of thing then.  :-P

Well, that changes my recommendation.  I wasn't aware that they were the
same company -- that means the driver that's being used is at least made
by the right people.  If they have a newer version, that still may be
worth a shot, but I woudln't try looking for a different "generic"

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