wpa_supplicant with win2k

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Sun Jun 3 14:53:07 PDT 2007

ulf.janssen at web.de wrote:
> It try to summarize some details about the hardware and driver I am
> unsing:
> (1GB RAM)

Hmm, that "out of memory" is an odd error code on a machine with 1GB of
RAM.  I wonder if it's spurious?  Or maybe it's not really out of
memory, but some other type of allocation failed.

> Driver Provider: GlobespanVirata

Never heard of them.  Is there any chance of using a normal NIC, or at
least a more widely-tested Prism driver?  Of course just because I've
never heard of them doesn't mean their driver hasn't been widely used,
but it'd be my first suspect.

> Network Driver: 2.01.0002 (Dec 18 2003)

Yikes, that's old.  Does the vendor have any updates?  If not, I'd see
if I could find a generic Prism driver, and hope it works better with

(Assuming the problem is really the WMI provider.  I suspect it is, but
I don't know for sure.)

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