MLME-MICHAELMICFAILURE problem madwifi<->hostapd

Queisser, Andrew VfB Stuttgart '07!! andrew.queisser
Fri Jun 1 13:45:20 PDT 2007

I think there's a madwifi bug when running hostapd regarding the custom
wireless event MLME-MICHAELMICFAILURE. It appears that madwifi should be
sending the source address as part of this event and is instead sending
the destination address. This happens in ieee80211_linux.c of madwifi so
I reported this to the madwifi developers list.

I'd be interested if anyone has seen TKIP countermeasures with madwifi
working in hostapd at all since it seems like it would never work due
to hostapd disregarding the MIC failure notifications from madwifi.


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