RTS/CTS loop when in Promiscuous Mode

ahuguet at cttc.es ahuguet
Fri Jun 1 01:33:39 PDT 2007


when a rts threshold is set in one station, in order for it to start a
RTS/CTS handshacke for the packets to be transmited, and afterwards that
station is set into promiscuous mode, said station fails to deliver any
dataframe at all, being caught in a loop of RTS/CTS messages exchanged
between the two stations.

To discard any self-added code as source of the issue, I used mgen (a
traffic generator) on the stations, to check when the packets were sent.

A station with an rts threshold less than the sent packet size and into
promiscuous mode, started the described RTS/CTS loop.

Same station, with the same rts threshold and the same sent packet size,
but not in promiscuous mode, did deliver the packet satisfactorily after
the RTS/CTS exchange.

Would there be any way to make the RTS/CTS mechanism work also for nodes
under promiscuous mode?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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