Obtatining a public key from an access point?

Dan Stromberg dstromberglists
Thu Jul 26 20:08:35 PDT 2007

Hi folks.

I don't know much about wireless, but I do know some networking and
programming and administration.

I have a Palm TX PDA, which has 802.11b.

Where I work, they use WPA/TKIIP/PEAP.  Only.  And they do it a little
strangely - some sort of problem with the certificate - it may be self
signed, I don't know.  Anyway, when you set up a windows machine for
wireless here, it gives you a warning about the certificate, and the admins
(who apparently don't give out the wireless password) quickly click past the
warning and call it done.

I don't have that option on my TX, and the admins here seem to feel that if
something isn't running windows, it isn't worth supporting - even though our
product is 100% linux.  Shrug.  To these people, the only normal mail
program in the world is outlook, and only if used with MAPI - IMAP is a no
no, as is the outlook web interface.

Anyway, there's this windows program (which appears to run in wine on
Linux), that allows you to import a public key from an access point (from a
file, not from the wireless network itself apparently!), and from that file
generate a palm .pdb file (a palm database file) that at least in theory :)
should give me access to the wireless in my workplace.

And of course, when I asked our admins for the public key, they just ignored
me.  :(

Which leads to my question: Is there some program I can run on windows (I
have a wireless windows laptop) or on linux (I have a wired linux desktop I
could probably install a wifi card in, though that'd probably disrupt my
work more, because I use it a lot more than the windows machine) that'll
obtain the public key, and stuff it in a file in a common format - after
which I'd import that file into the palm Wifi Profile Wizard (cute - a
"wizard" for something that should've been fully automated :), get the .pdb,
sync the  .pdb to my PDA, and finally get wireless working on it?

Anyone have any suggestions?  (I mean other than finding a new place to work

Thanks in advance!
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