WPA wifi. Help please! (I am desperate)

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Thu Jul 26 19:12:26 PDT 2007

Hash: RIPEMD160

David wrote:
> Uf, still desperate. I tried to write the wpa_supplicant.conf

OK, what did you put in it?  (Obviously you'll want to replace the
passphrase and any other sensitive info when posting it here.)

> run wpa_supplicant and then dhclient. The output of wpa_supplicant
> did not make me be optimistic and, of course, dhclient failed.

How did it fail?  What exactly did wpa_supplicant say?

> What do I have to do? Is this sequence right?
> 1) Write the wpa_supplicant.conf file.
> 2) Run wpa_supplicant -dd -D madwifi -i ath0 -c
> /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and leave it running?

Maybe.  I believe the madwifi backend is no longer recommended; I
believe the wext backend should be used instead (-D wext).  But that may
depend on your version of madwifi and your kernel.  (IIRC, it's also
true that not all versions of madwifi CVS actually work well -- but I
don't remember any details.  Maybe those issues have been fixed by now,

> 3) Then, dhclient ath0?

Or whatever other DHCP client you want to use, yes.  Once wpa_supplicant
has a connection up and working, that is.

> If yes, can you please tell me the wpa_supplicant.conf file, based on
> the output of iwlist ath0 scan that I wrote in the previous email?

I suspect you can use the WPA-PSK network section (the first network
section: skip the global options) from the example config file:


but you would not need the priority.  If you want to specify proto,
key_mgmt, pairwise, and group, set them to WPA, WPA-PSK, TKIP, and TKIP,
respectively (as in the first ssid="example" network in the sample
config file).  But that should not be required if "iwlist scan" is
showing the BSSID and the right info.
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