Using hostap WPA authenticator in a VLAN BSS

Lambert Anne anne.lambert
Tue Jul 24 08:12:31 PDT 2007


I am building a driver which is using a part of hostapd code as WPA
Authenticator. The AP management is already taken care of so I just need
to interact directly with the wpa module for every new station.

The driver sends the EAPOL frames coming from the wpa Authenticator and
uses wpa_receive for the station's response. I have it so far working
when the network does not use VLAN. 

When VLAN is used however, the authentification fails with the message
'invalid MIC in msg 2/4 of 4-Way Handshake'. I checked the frames and am
pretty confident that the WPA module receives the correct information. I
thought that VLAN would not have an influence on the key generation, but
I am obviously mistaken! Could somebody give a hint what needs to be
initialised in the wpaAuthenticator or in the hostapd_data to have it


Anne Lambert

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