Question and update on RT2x00+devicescape+2.6.22+hostapd

Ed Howland ed.howland
Thu Jul 12 11:48:06 PDT 2007

Hi, all,

Here is our current status WRT usb + hostapd and the latest kernel.

serailmonkey's git tree (2.6.22-rc6?)
Hostapd (latest git)
Cisco's Aegis client (Meetinghouse) for the HandHeld PC (Windows mobile)

It can see it, and starts to authenticate.
We had to adjust the eapol timeout in hostapd to get it to connect.
It authenticates but disconnects soon after (before getting an IP
address from dhcpd.

The problem seems to be related to signal strength. We used the packet
dumping function to check this. In one direction (from the handheld to
the host,) the signal strength seems valid. (100% up close, then 90,
78, 70 as you move further away.) But in the other direction the
signal strength is somewhere around 1% or less. We think this is why
the connection state is being reset.

Question, are there any known "good" devices that work with
DRIVER=devicescape in hostapd.conf? Doesn't have to be USB.

And if anyone has this working, can they send/post a log file with
some packet dumps in them? The only requirement is to use the wlan0
and devicecape driver in hostapd.conf.



Ed Howland
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