Loading driver on DWL-650 revP with kernel

Andrew Shaffer aeshaffer
Sat Jan 20 00:53:43 PST 2007


     I've been doing a little more poking around and from what I can
tell, the problem that I mentioned in my previous message is actually
ocurring around line 705 of hostap_cs.c (the big block comment
starting "Allocate an interrupt line,") which calls

                         pcmcia_request_irq(link, &link->irq));

I've inserted the following code both before and after the enclosing
if statement to see where exactly jiffies stops updating:

teststart = jiffies;
for(loopcount = 0; loopcount < 50; loopcount++) {
     printk(KERN_INFO "%d", loopcount);
printk(KERN_INFO "\n%s %d Jiffies updating test: start: %lu %lu\n",
               __FILE__, __LINE__, teststart, jiffies);
printk(KERN_ERR "testing KERN_ERR\n");

The instance of the code before the if statement behaves as I expect,
with the jiffies value different from the teststart value.  But after
the if statement, the outputted teststart and jiffies values are the
same, so it's somewhere in there that jiffies stops updating.  I
suppose what is happening is that somewhere in that block the timer
interrupt that updates jiffies is getting disabled and not reenabled.
(This is my first foray into futzing with kernel code, forgive me if
I'm making naive mistakes..)



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