IEEE 802.11F (IAPP) initialization failed

Ignasi Blanco Sastre elcorreu
Mon Jan 15 07:58:53 PST 2007


I use the daemon hostapd v0.3.7, in the configuration file
(/etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf), I have activated the interface to be used
for IAPP broadcast packets with the interface eth0.

But when I launch the daemon, I obtain the following message:

  ioctl[SIOCGIFADDR]: Cannot assign requested address
  setsockopt [UDP, IP_DEL_MEMBERSHIP]: Cannot assign requested address
  IEEE 802.11F (IAPP) initialization failed
  rmdir [ctrl_interface]: No such file or directory

Indeed the control interface's directory don't exist, but I can make
this directory, and then this message (rmdir [ctrl_interface]: No such
file or directory) don't appear.

I have probed the deamon hostapd v0.2.8 and I haven't any problems.

Versions information:
* PCMCIA Netgear firmware : 1.3.6 (station firmware)
* PCMCIA Conceptronic firmware: 1.5.6 (station firmware)
* Kernel          : 2.6.10
* hostap driver: 0.5.7

Thank You

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