Problem with broadcast traffic from AP to stations

Philip M. White pmw
Sun Jan 7 23:33:48 PST 2007

Hello, all;

I am experiencing the same issue that this gentleman is:

Both the AP and the station have an Atheros 5212 chipset, and I
authenticate with EAP-PEAP.  My hostapd 0.5.5 installation is configured
to use a bridged interface, since I bridge the wireless Atheros
interface with a wired Ethernet card.

I have CUPS running on the AP, and I can see with a packet sniffer that
it's broadcasting from to  However, the
same packet sniffer on my station does not show these packets ever
arriving.  Unicast traffic works.

Here's some diagnostic output from my station:
# iwlist wlan0 key
wlan0     3 key sizes : 40, 104, 128bits
          4 keys available :
		[1]: 796E-A28A-7719-E3F7-3E72-D747-37ED-8760 (128 bits)
		[2]: F0F4-69B6-FB9F-EE79-40CE-2431-C0AC-9B0D (128 bits)
		[3]: F36E-6C5C-EF6E-12F1-CE46-12EE-0362-0CD0 (128 bits)
		[4]: off
          Current Transmit Key: [1]
          Security mode:restricted
          Authentication capabilities :
          Current key_mgmt:0x3
          Current cipher_pairwise:0x10
          Current cipher_group:0x4

Any ideas?  Thank you!

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