SyChip WLAN6061EB

Marek Vašut marek.vasut
Fri Jan 5 10:56:07 PST 2007

I have this chip (SyChip WLAN6061) in my device (palm lifedrive). I?m trying
to make hostap work with it, though I?m badly stuck. Something about the
chip ... I guess it?s prism3 ssf and it?s connected over CF interface (so
pcmcia). There arent any datasheets or anything about how to work with it.
So ... I decided to play with hostap a bit - as you can see from this commit

I made some changes that let the chip pass readback test. The changes are

As you can see, I removed that /2, well ... I?m not definitelly sure about
what it can cause. Though, with that change it passes the readback as I wrote
and ends with hwinit failure (couldnt init card after genesis mode fw upload
or something like that). I think it really can store something in that chip?s
RAM, but I dunno if I can init it properly ... probably not. Any ideas will
be appreciated. Thanx

Best regards
Marek Vasut

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