Ndiswrapper and virtual interfaces - WPA_supplicant can't associate

Jouni Malinen j
Sat Dec 15 07:36:14 PST 2007

On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 02:11:56PM +0200, Dudy Kohen wrote:

> I set those parameters now and realized what the problem is...
> with the card that works I get this output in debug mode:
> 0: 00:1a:XX:XX:XX:XX ssid='dd-wrt_wpa' wpa_ie_len=26 rsn_ie_len=0 caps=0x11
>    selected based on WPA IE
> with the one that doesn't work I get this:
> 0: 00:1a:XX:XX:XX:XX ssid='dd-wrt_wpa' wpa_ie_len=0 rsn_ie_len=0 caps=0x11
>    skip - no WPA/RSN IE
> Any idea as to why?

Use of hidden SSIDs (including this type of multi-SSID configuration) is
not defined in the IEEE 802.11 standard and can cause various issues
since some clients do not expect the Beacon frame and Probe Response
frames to use different information. You can usually get this working by
using ap_scan=2 mode (i.e., ask the driver to connect to the network
instead of ask it for scan results).

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