[0.6.x PATCH] Make output logging to file usable on *NIX platforms

Kel Modderman kel
Sun Dec 9 04:26:29 PST 2007

On Sunday 09 December 2007 14:25:39 Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 04:43:10PM -0500, Dan Williams wrote:
> > Add a .config option for enabling the output logging, and add a
> > command-line option for turning this on or off (output is logged to
> > stdout by default still).  Also set the buffering mode to line-buffered
> > on *NIX platforms so that output shows up in a reasonable timeframe.
> > Otherwise it gets buffered in 4096 byte chunks (or whatever the C
> > library uses for buffer sizes) and doesn't get written in a useful
> > amount of time.
> Thanks! Applied with some minor cleanup and added documentation to both
> 0.6.x and 0.5.x. Please note that I usually use git-cherry-pick to get
> changes from 0.6.x to 0.5.x so separate patches for 0.5.x are not
> necessary unless there is a large number of conflicts that are not
> trivial to resolve.

Is there an opportunity to control the target file location for this output?

Thanks, Kel.

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