Small code which gives output similar to "iwlist eth0 scan"

Raghavendra. S raghavendra.akkasali
Fri Dec 7 03:50:22 PST 2007

Hi Dan,

 Actually in my case I want to get scan result first then configure
wpa_supplicant.conf and then I will enable wpa_supplicant. Because user has
to first see the scanned result and after that he can configure to which AP
he want to associate with and security models he want to use. So I need some
independent small AP scan code similar to "iwlist eth0 scan".


On 12/7/07, Dan Williams <dcbw at> wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-12-07 at 16:45 +0530, Raghavendra. S wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >    Does any one know small AP scan code which gives similar/same
> > output as that of "iwlist eth0 scan". I dont want to use iwlist
> > because of its size.
> Look at the driver_wext.c code from wpa_supplicant at
> wpa_driver_wext_scan() and wpa_driver_wext_get_scan_results().  You
> don't need to screenscrape output if you can just use the values
> directly.
> Dan

Regards & Thanks
Raghavendra. S
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