Forwarding packets

Archana Rajagopal archana.gopal
Tue Dec 4 20:23:52 PST 2007

    I am using iperf to send traffic through HostAP .By default does HostAP
forward it or should I do something else other than "echo "1" /proc ... "
Moreover , can you explain how it actually forwards packets not destined to
The problem that I am facing is not exactly related to hostap I
guess.Theproblem is..
When I send iperf traffic through HostAP with ToS bits set , it is changing
the ToS bits somehow and not classifying any packets.This happens only when
the packet is to be forwarded to another system.Is HostAP responsible for
this or is it a kernel problem(I am using kernel version 2.6.16).

Please do clarify.

Archana Rajagopal
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