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Tue Dec 4 08:22:39 PST 2007

On Sun, 2 Dec 2007 10:01:04 -0800, Jouni Malinen wrote:


>>The more I look at the reference WSC code, the more I would like to
see this

>>done with simpler design or at least in smaller steps. I think it
would be

>>useful to see a minimal implementation that supports just the case of
AP with

>>an internal Registrar and client with an Enrollee and only EAP

>>(i.e., no UPnP complexity) as the first step. Once this is available

>>a clean, maintainable implementation, more functionality could be




We've been working for some time here at Marvell for 

a project that required the AP-side of WPS.


The main goal was the minimal footprint of the code.


As a result, we now have a small SDK written in C and based 

on hostapd-0.4.8. Like others, we looked a lot at the Intel WPS code, 

but made a complete rewrite in C. The design is simple and compact. 


Here are some highlights:


* ANSI-C, hostapd-like coding style

* wpsd - a stand alone process above Hostapd implementing 

  Internal Registar supporting PIN and PBC;

  wpsd daemon itself is 95Kb only, together with hostapd and 

  openssl-0.9.8f  - 970Kb (not compressed).

* 2 forms of API for applications: Cmd line shell based API,

  C API (a clone of Hostapd ctrl interface)  

* ledd daemon implementing the WPS LED patterns according 

  to the standard, easily customizable for the actual hardware

* extensive regression test suite emulating the client side 

  Enrollee(s) to ensure compliance with the standard


We now support only the case of an AP with internal Registrar for the

PIN and Push Button methods. Originally we planned to add support

for External Registrar (wireless and UpnP) as well. However, now that

the WPS dev goes open source we feel it's better to coordinate our 

efforts with others. I got a green light to publish the code, though 

I might need a few days to make it a submittable package. 


Is anyone interested? What's the codedrop submission procedure?


As part of the work we reduced the effective size of Openssl-0.9.8f

(hundreds of Kbs) and ported it to uclibc. If anyone is interested in 

this patch, we can publish it as well.


Best regards,



Max Kovalenko

WLAN Technical Leader,

Marvell Israel

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