how to forward IP

advan advan
Mon Dec 3 01:24:54 PST 2007

hi, all 
  In my embedded platform(station) , I create a bridge(br0) by brctl and build a station mode(ath0) with madwifi for atheros card and an ethernet interface(eth0), then add ath0 and eth0 to br0, it's able to connet a AP(cisco). I could ping the embeded platform from AP(cisco),but not ping the PC after the embedded platform (station), I thought my embedded platform didn't forward IP packets to PC . otherwsie on PC I also couldn't ping the AP (cisco) ,only ping station .
   How to ping PC after the embedded platform .please advise and give me clue ,thank you in advance 

kernel: 2.4.25 

PC --->station                          AP(cisco)

Best regards 


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