Prism2.5 transmit power

Joep Jansen joep
Fri Aug 31 04:20:06 PDT 2007


It seems the hostap driver does not support setting the transmit power. 

I'm using a Senao 2511CD-Plus card (Prism2.5 chipset) in an environment with many accesss points.
The relatively high transmit power (200 mW) is a disadvantage in this application and it leads to very poor performance. I need a way to reduce the transmit power.

I saw a previous thread on this topic (

Jouni Malinen replied: "I'm not aware of a way of reading the TX power level reliably from Prism2/2.5/3 cards".

There is also mention of a patch ( but the link is dead.
I looked at the driver code: you can #define RAW_TXPOWER_SETTING to get an (uncalibrated, unreliable?) way to set the power. 

My questions:

* Has there been any progress on this point?
* With the RAW_TXPOWER_SETTING defined: what range of settings is available, and how does this correspond (roughly) to dBm?
* How can I verify the effect of changing the setting? 
* Can anyone supply me with the mentioned patch?

Thanks in advance!

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